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cooking class schedule 

Come see why Cinch was voted "Best Cooking Class"!

Who knew Fairfield had a Steakhouse? Thursday, May 22nd 7:00PM

Where’s the beef?  We’ll take a tour of our favorite red meat.  Learn about different

cuts, and become an expert at picking the best cuts from the case.  We’ll show you

how to properly cook steak to the perfect temperature, and sear the perfect crust

(sorry, no “well-done” orders will be accepted). We will turn out the perfect au

poivre with flatiron steak, pan-sautéed rib eye with béarnaise, and enjoy a New York

Strip with classic pan steak sauce. A hearty red would be our friend for this tasting.

Fish: The Basics: Thursday, June 5th 7:00PM

Fish is fast and healthy, yet many home cooks lack the self-assurance to make it

themselves. In just one class, you will learn to buy, store, and cook seafood with

confidence.  Learn how to cook salmon with a golden, crisp crust and a moist, tender

inside, and garnish it with dill sauce. You will roast a whole roasted red snapper, and

learn why a whole roasted fish is so delicious and healthy. You will make a

Mediterranean topping that can even make our local bluefish taste delicious.  When we

are done, you will have the confidence to even cook a seafood dinner for friends.

White Trash Happy Hour: Friday June 13th  5:00PM

(Only $45.00) Bring beer and a bunch of friends. We will

explore our inner white trash with selections such as a deep

fried twinkie’s, buffalo wings, dog dip (a really good dip)

that we’ll make our own chips for, jalapeno poppers and

finish with chicken and waffles. This is a sure fire classic


Chicken, Chicken, and More Chicken : Thursday, July

10th 7:00PM We’ll roast the perfect bird.  Learn how

roasting a whole bird is not only economical but will bring

anyone nearby running to your kitchen.  Pan sauté the

perfect breast and finish with a white wine lemon sauce,

pan fry the perfect chicken cutlet and serve it over arugula

with shaved parmesan and bresola

Pasta and Great Sauces: Thursday, July 31st,

7:00PMEverybody’s favorite food is only as good as the

sauce that goes with it.  We’ll make fresh pasta and sample

dried as well.  This hands-on class will have you create 5

classic sauces to make any pasta dish a smashing success. 

Let’s make pesto, carbonara and a puttanesca as well.  

87 Mill Plain Road