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cooking class schedule 

Come see why Cinch was voted "Best Cooking Class"!

Come see why Cinch was voted "Best Cooking Class"! MOST Classes are $85.00 and are hands on.

Happy hour and kids classes are $50.00

Fish:The Basics: Thursday, May 12th 7:00 PM:

Fish has gottena pretty bad rep over the years, probably because  nobody is ever really sure

how to cook it.Fish can be your worstenemy or your best friend. We’re going to show you

some fool-proof recipes to tilt the tables in thatlatter direction. Let’s learn how to make a

restaurant quality crispy-skinned salmon with dill sauce,thena whole-roasted fish thatwill wow

your friends and family. Let’s follow upwith delicious shrimp scampi and fresh and flavorful

tuna tartare.  You’llbe ableto prepare anyfishin a bunch ofnewways. Fish may be intimidating,

butdon’t forget, anyfin  is possible,don’t trout yourself.Fishare friendAND food.

ThirstyWednesday/TapasNight:Wednesday,May 25th 7:00 PM

Let’s be honest, we’ve all beento a  restaurantthat hadso many goodappetizers, you wanted

to just order them all and skip dinner.  That’s the great thing about  tapas; you don’t have to  choose!

We’re going to show you how to prepare someof our favorites from roma bean crostini to honey

roasted plums,goat cheese, and balsamicreduction over polenta squares.While we’re atit, let’s

throw in some fresh ceviche and flaky, perfect empanadas, and garlic shrimp as well.

Don’t forget we’ll pair wine for the perfect night.

Surf and Turf: Thursday, June 9th 7:00 PM:

What’sbetter, the beach  or the countryside? Yeah, we’re not so sure either, butwe know they are

a prettyrockingduo. Surf and turf is pretty much the ultimatedinner. We’re goingto wow your

taste buds withsome pan-seared scallops in a sweet chili lime sauce, steakau poivre, whole roasted

redsnapper, and amazing shrimp and gritswith bacon and afriedegg.We’re not sure  why  we ever

separated seafood from meats,butwe’re telling you here and now, you don’t have to pick just one.

South of the Border: Thursday,July 14th 7:00 PM:

Warm weather and a beautiful beach nearby, summer can’t get much better. Well, unless it’s summer

break in Cabo,but that’s just not a reality for some of us. Let’s trick ourselves into thinking

we’re livingthelifeand partying it up the way we used to by eating some ofour vacation favorites.

We’ll start with a classic.  gazpacho, then dig into somefish tacoswitha killer baja white sauce,

some homemade guacamole with fresh  tortillachips. We’ll finish it all off with some fresh churros

and a Mexica chocolate dipping sauce.  Snap some picturesand your friends will be wishing they were here!

Call the store at 203-256-1164 to sign up today. All classes are BYOB $85.00 unless

otherwise noted

Cinch offers private classes for you and your friends so please feel free to discuss a private event with our staff.